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The Mohawk Towpath Byway runs by it's volunteers.  Your involvement with one of the following projects helps us on so many different levels.  Most importantly it helps the community in which you take so much pride.

Please help with one of the following efforts.  The first step is to complete and submit this questionnaire...
 Shenendehowa Rotary helped with landscaping. .
Youth groups like the Southern Saratoga Interact can really get into roadside clean up.
Pages of Resourses for Volunteers
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Tour guides needed, especially those who have language abilities in other than English.
Please also visit our Stakeholders site where we have more specific descriptions of several volunteer opportunities.  Once on the Stakeholders site do a "basic search" with keywords "mohawk towpath" and you will find us easily.
I would like to stay informed of Byway programs and issues
I would like to help understand, protect and enhance Byway history and resources.
I would like to help with a road side cleanup near me.
I would like to understand and help tell the Byway story.
I would like to network and help build and reinforce partnerships.
I would like to help with "office" tasks.